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Think You Have Whiplash After a Car Accident? Look for These 5 Signs

Written By Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center on October 4, 2019

Woman with whiplash after a car accident Whiplash can take up to a few days to manifest itself.

During that time, your body could be undergoing damage that can lead to pain or reduced range of motion down the road.

Therefore, it’s essential to recognize the signs of injury and see a Bend chiropractor as soon as possible for whiplash treatment.

5 Signs That You Need Whiplash Treatment from a Bend Chiropractor

If you recognize these symptoms after an auto accident, contact your chiropractor right away.

1. Neck Pain and/or Headaches

One of the most common symptoms of whiplash is neck pain. Neck muscle tension can affect the muscles of your head, causing headaches.

2. Stiffness in the Neck and Shoulders

The muscles have been forced beyond their limits, producing an inflammatory response. Inflamed muscles feel stiff and immobile.

Thankfully, this can be remedied with whiplash treatment in Bend, including:

  • Chiropractic adjustments

  • Physical therapy

  • Rehab

  • Therapeutic massage.

3. Numbness/Tingling in Your Arms

Due to inflammation or compression of the nerves of the spine, you might start to feel numbness and/or tingling in your arms.

4. Dizzy Spells

Some people report whiplash-related dizziness. Typically, vertigo is an inner ear issue. However, because the nerves of the neck and head (including the ears) are so closely related, damage to one area of the body can lead to symptoms in another.

5. You’re More Fatigued than Usual

Some people find that they’re incredibly fatigued after sustaining a neck injury. The reasons for this include:

See Your Chiropractor Right Away to Prevent Long-Term Damage

When you’re in an accident, damage can happen at the moment of impact.

Seeing your Bend chiropractor for whiplash treatment can stop the damage in its tracks — the result: Less pain and better mobility, resulting in better health and improved quality of life.

Have you been in an auto accident? Call us today at 541-389-4321 to schedule an appointment. We’ll help reduce the pain and the chance of further damage.

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