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Physical Therapy in Bend, OR

Physical Therapy in Bend OR

Physical rehabilitation is an important aspect of treatment that can help people overcome a wide variety of sport and spinal injuries and conditions. Dr. Davies and the Rehab team have incorporated researched-based rehabilitation strategies into practice for many years with excellent success. Dr. Davies and the rehabilitation team work together to provide the very best in rehabiliation approaches to treatment, prevention and education.

What is different about physical rehabilitation at Falling Waters?

1) Diagnosis - One of the most important, and unfortunately, the most overlooked components of providing effective physical rehabilitation is the lack of the appropriate physical medicine diagnosis with identification of contributing and complicating factors unique to each patient. After a thorough history and clinical evaluation, our knowledgable and skilled providers will provide you with a diagnosis, identify any other factors unique to your condition and discuss appropriate treatment options.

2) Education and Experience - Dr. Davies and the team of Physical Therapists are well versed in current concepts of physical rehabilitation with an emphisis functional movements. Their knowledge and experience along with their fantastic support staff strive to provide the very best comprehensive and progressive rehabilitation programs that is specific to your condition.

3) Patient Education - One of the main goals at Falling Waters is to help patients overcome their injuries and get back to their regular activities as soon as possible. To accomplish this, during the rehabilitation process our providers place strong emphasis on teaching patients how to do exercises properly and safely so they can continue their program at home on their own once discharged from care. A shared philosophy that echos off the walls at Falling Waters is: "give someone a fish and feed them for a day, however, teach someone how to fish and feed them for a lifetime!"

3) Equipment - In our private "Land-Based" Rehab Center we have selected the very best state-of-the-art strength training and cardiovascular exercise equipment that allows our team to provide patients with research-based approaches to a wide variety of individual rehabilitation programs focused on functional movements. All of the providers at Falling Water are proud to offer the very best in "Water-Based" rehabilitation with our Aquatic Therapy center.

4) Complementary Services - As many conditions have a variety of causes and are influenced by many factors, Falling Waters offers a wide variety of other services that may complement and speed up the recovery process.

5) Affordable - Our providers are preferred providers for most medical insurance plans. If your individual insurance plan does not provide coverage, we have affordable time of service discounts available. As we have different licenced providers, we are able to offer professional rehabilitation services through both patient's Physical Therapy benefit as well as Alternative Medicine/Chiropractic benefit. Feel free to contact us to learn more about your insurance benefit and how we can best serve you to get the best care in the most affordable way.