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Diagnostic Testing

A thorough history and physical examination is an important first step when evaluating a patient's health. This provides the doctor with essential information that allows them make the best possible decisions regarding treatment options or the need for further diagnostic testing. Often, treatment can begin without having completed any diagnostic studies, however, there are times when this is very helpful, and can provide the doctor with more information to allow the following:

  1. Rule out a disease or condition (cancer, tumor, infection) which would require immediate medical attention or co-treatment with another medical provider.
  2. Provide an accurate diagnosis, so that all treatment options can be reviewed.
  3. Identify contributing and/or complicating factors that may negatively affect recovery or health.
  4. Support care for 3rd party payors (ie. auto, work or general insurance)

With the above in mind, the physicians at Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center, have developed a number of diagnostic resources that allow us to provide the best possible care for each and every patient.