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See a Chiropractor After an Auto Injury

Written By Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center on November 28, 2021

Auto Injury Treatment Falling Waters Injury and Health Management Center

Whether you experienced a mild collision or a forceful, violent crash, an auto accident puts you at risk of severe and life-changing injury. Any auto accident can cause damage to the spine and neck, which are some of the most important parts of the body, but also the most fragile. 

It is important to see a chiropractor after an auto accident, either to make sure your neck and spine are not damaged or to help reduce any damage, pain, or injury that they may have sustained. Patients in Bend, Oregon, have come to rely on the health care team at Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center to provide safe, reliable auto injury treatment. 

If you have been in an accident, call us today to see how chiropractic can help you recover. 

How Does Chiropractic Treat Auto Injuries?

Conditions that appear mild after an auto accident, like whiplash, can develop into bigger, more serious issues in the future. Similarly, there may be conditions that do not appear immediately but take some time to manifest, such as pain, dizziness and disorientation, light sensitivity, and even bruising. 

When you schedule an appointment to speak with a chiropractor at Falling Waters about your auto injury treatment, the first step will be fully assessing your symptoms to diagnose their underlying causes, as well as determining whether there are any injuries that may have gone unnoticed. Then, your chiropractor will work with the other members of our health care team to develop a holistic plan to help you recover your health. 

Depending on your symptoms and conditions, your treatment might include spinal adjustment, electrical stimulation, deep-tissue massage therapy, physical therapy, or other techniques. 

Auto Injury Treatment in Bend, Oregon

Whether you’re experiencing whiplash, a concussion, soft-tissue damage, or another condition as a result of your auto accident, reach out to us at Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center in Bend, Oregon, for safe, effective, non-invasive treatment. Visiting a chiropractor may eliminate, limit, or postpone your need to undergo surgery or take prescription medication that may have significant side effects. 

Schedule an Appointment at Falling Waters

Give us a call to set up a time to meet with one of our chiropractors as soon as possible after your auto accident. Call us today to schedule a consultation or learn more!

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