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Do I Need A Referral to See a Physical Therapist?

Written By Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center on March 5, 2020

Physical TherapyMost people don’t think of seeing a physical therapist until after they’ve sustained an injury. In these cases, patients seek out a medical professional and are often referred to a physical therapist for further treatment. In this case, you may be given a referral to partake in physical therapy. 

However, in many states, it is possible to seek out a physical therapist without having a referral in hand. In fact, according to the American Physical Therapy Association, as of January 1, 2015, patients in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands were granted the ability to seek out physical therapy without needing a referral from their Primary Care Provider. It is, however, worth knowing that many states do limit the number of visits a patient can have with a physical therapist and the types of treatments that are allowed. 

Whether you are suffering from an injury or unexplained movement impairments, physical therapy could be a valuable addition to your treatment plan.

Why You Might Seek Out Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is a specific type of care that is recommended to help ease pain and improve limited movement and overall function of the body. A physical therapist is a licensed professional that undergoes extensive programs in physical therapy and often specializes in areas such as sports medicine. 

Physical therapy can help patients suffering from a wide range of conditions and those in need of medical rehab for things such as:

  • Limited mobility due to disease or injury 
  • Sports injury
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Adjusting to assistive devices or new, artificial limbs
  • Post-surgery recovery and more

Many people who actively seek out chiropractic care also work with a physical therapist as a part of their treatment plan to help manage and alleviate chronic pain due to headaches, degenerative disc disease, and more. 

Physical Therapy at Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center

Physical therapy can be a suitable treatment option for many people dealing with injuries and chronic pain. The team at the Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center is here to help you get your treatment started today.

Have questions regarding our physical therapy program? Schedule a consultation today.

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