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Can Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment in Bend Really Help Text Neck?

Written By Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center on November 4, 2019

Man with neck pain Do you find that you’re experiencing more headaches lately? How about neck pain, or stiffness in your neck?

Each symptom is a red flag that points to a diagnosis of a repetitive stress injury called text neck.

It’s not uncommon to spend a lot of time working, communicating, and socializing on your phone. Unfortunately, this can lead to pain, which can become chronic if it’s not treated right away.

Thankfully, your Bend chiropractor can provide a safe, effective neck pain treatment that will give you some relief.

Why Is Text Neck So Painful? Can It Lead to Long-Term Damage?

The human head weighs around 10 pounds. The way the body is designed, your head is supposed to sit squarely on your neck and shoulders.

Proper posture keeps the weight of the head evenly distributed, but when you look down at your phone, the forward position amplifies the weight of your head, pulling on the muscles of your neck and shoulders. The result is strained muscles and an inflammatory response. At times, joint dysfunction can result as well.

Most people look at their phones for long periods of time, leading to even more strain and chronic painful conditions, like headaches, jaw pain, and migraines.

How Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment in Bend Can Reduce Pain

Fortunately, chiropractic neck pain treatment can reduce some if not all the pain caused by text neck.

Talk to Your Chiropractor About Which Treatments Are Best for Your Needs

Your Bend chiropractor can assess your needs and create a treatment plan that incorporates multiple therapies, including chiropractic, physical therapy, rehab, home exercises, and/or massage therapy. A combined treatment plan will help you heal faster, which means you’ll be out of pain sooner.

Tired of dealing with painful text neck? Contact us right away at 541-389-4321 to schedule a consultation. We’ll create a treatment plan that will give you some relief!

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