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I started seeing Dr. Davies about 5 years ago after a car accident. He and his amazing staff helped me with my rehab. Since then they have helped me, my husband, and our kids with other injuries. A few years ago I had pain in my elbow that made it difficult to lift up my coffee cup and now it's completely pain free. Back in May I fell on the rivertrail and had been dealing with terrible pain in my hip. After seeing another doctor, I didn't have much hope and the surgery option didn't sound too good. I decided to see if Dr. Davies could help. I have had 4 treatments and I'm already seeing progress. Just wish I didn't wait so long to see him. Finally a doctor that takes time to listen and doesn't try to mask the pain but help you actually heal.


Falling Waters is amazing. The employees are very friendly and helpful. The doctors take their time & really listen to you and connect with you. The building and atmosphere are very nice - I love the tv screens around the building, scrolling through health facts or motivational quotes. I honestly am always excited to go back to Falling Waters because it's such a nice place to be!


Falling Waters is an excellent organization. I was referred to Falling Waters by Dr. Belza after my back surgery. Their fantastic program of Physical Therapy, water and gym rehabilitation has made my recovery from a 6 hour surgery much easier and more effective. The Physical Therapists are well-informed and listen each visit to your specific issues. Watera and rehab therapies are wonderful. The trainers are excellent. The whole staff is friendly and kind. I would refer without hesitation to Falling Waters.


I got excellent care at Falling Waters from Dr. Davies, Shawndi, Hannah, and the other staff. I was referred to Dr. Davies by Dr. Moore, my foot surgeon, for chronic leg pain, and also to Shawndi by a friend. Dr. Davies conducted an extensive and conscientious exam, ordered x-rays, and prescribed Physical Therapy for hip arthritis. Over a couple months, Shawndi helped me figure out the mechanics of what was going on, what aggravated the pain & why, and what calmed it down. I really appreciated her attention to the bigger picture of how my daily activities affected me, and how I could continue to ride horses, and her willingness to troubleshoot the problem with her therapy and a massage and exercise program. My situation is degenerative, but I love the Falling Waters approach of staying as strong and active as possible at what you love, with minimally invasive therapy. Plus the whole atmosphere feels like a spa!


I have benefited from all the great staff at Falling Waters. Hannah in Physical Therapy helped relieve the immediate pain I was plagued with, and then prescribed daily stretching routines which help immensely. Dan worked with me in the gym and is now an ongoing valued personal trainer helping me increase my core strength, balance and flexibility. And most recently Dr. Davies who prescribed a mixed treatment of chiropractic manipulation with massage therapy that truly worked wonders. I had never tried chiropractic manipulation and was skeptical and fearful at first. No longer! For the first time in years my pain was relieved. I highly recommend Falling Waters!


Dr. Davies listens; he considers the whole person, the whole patient. Unlike most physicians, eager to treat symptoms, Dr. Davies listened to me describe where I was in life. It was that honest, careful and deliberative observation that yielded a great solution to my issues. Dr. Davies brought science, tough advice and compassion to his treatment plan. In equal parts, medicine, nutrition, physical therapy and a new and novel exercise plan, Dr. Davies and his wonderful staff put me in the fast lane to recovery. I have to say: becoming Dr. Davies' patient has turned around my health, my outlook on life and the satisfaction I feel in my career and relationships.


Over the years I have seen a number of Physical Therapists for various reasons. Some good, some not so much. This past year I had a severe low back issue that was hindering me from the things I love, whether it's skiing, cycling or rock climbing. I saw a PT from another facility who wasn't able to help me as much as I had hoped so I just carried on with the pain until I randomly met Shawndi. Having nothing to lose I set up an appointment to see her, which in turn started my wonderful road to being pain free. Shawndi is awesome! Easy to work with and an expert in diagnosis. She set me up with stretches and exercises and made sure I was doing them exactly as she intended with form and "feeling" the stretches in the right places. PT is something you have to be dedicated to away from the office or you will not see any improvement. For me, I went from fairly severe pain to pain free and now have exercises and stretches I will do the rest of my life. Falling Waters also incorporates massage therapy as part of their program too and I think this was a big factor in my recovery as well. All the massage therapists I saw were great, and awesome people too! Personable. Strong hands, great technique and they love what they do. Thank you Shawndi and staff! If I ever need to see a PT in the future, I will be back.

One last shout out to the girls up front. They were great too!


I began receiving treatment at Falling Waters about a month after hip replacement surgery and can't believe how much progress I've made in such a short time. Everyone I've dealt with his been encouraging, positive, and incredibly helpful in getting me not just back to normal, but better than before! Hannah is wonderful -- she listens carefully, offers great feedback and knows just what to do to relieve my discomfort and point me in the right direction. I have just started working with Cean on strength and flexibility, and I'm really enjoying our work together. Physical therapy can be daunting; Falling Waters has made it something I look forward to.


I have just finished my 4th round of PT in 2 ½ years with Falling Waters, and cannot offer enough praise for the team I have seen. My first experience was in 2014 when I had a knee replacement and was told by a friend that Falling Waters had a treadmill in their therapy pool -- which greatly intrigued me since my favorite form of exercise is water aerobics. I had a relatively easy time regaining flexibility and use of my knee with help from Shawndi, Hannah and George.
This summer, my shoulder started giving me pain that became intolerable. After seeing my chiropractor a few times without improvement, I went to my family doctor who diagnosed it as tendinopathy of the rotator cuff and gave me choices for relief, including cortisone shots, pain pills and PT. Of course I would choose PT over drugs, and returned to see Shawndi. After only 10 visits over 2 months I felt great again. I was traveling for the next 3 weeks and really neglected the exercises that had rebuilt my shoulder muscles, so I’ve recently returned for more therapy, but am now free of pain once again!


I initially was brought to Dr. Davies after researching Functional Medicine online. I was experiencing severe stomach pain and nausea, extreme fatigue, depression/anxiety, severe asthma along with chronic neck pain among other symptoms.
I was very skeptical at first that changing my diet and adding nutraceuticals would really work. But after 3 months of his regimen and an elimination diet, I was able to get off of ALL THREE of my asthma medications, my Omeprazole for stomach upset, and off my Lexapro as well. My fatigue is gone, I feel amazing, and its like a whole new life for me. I credit my health and happiness to Dr. Davies and would recommend him for Chiropractic as well as Functional Medicine!


Little did I know a google search for Chiropractors in Bend, OR would lead to my best healthcare experience, ever! Dr. Davies created a treatment plan that is working, and has done so while being considerate of my schedule and finances. I appreciate that he treats the whole person and while it hasn't always been easy, the results are remarkably positive. Dr. Davies pays attention, he's kind, knowledgeable and efficient.

The staff rocks! Within 24 hours of my first call to Falling Waters I knew exactly what my health insurance would cover, explained in terms I understood. Wait times are less than five minutes, always. Scheduling is a breeze, the staff are always smiling, caring and efficient and statements easily understood. State of the art equipment is found throughout the Falling Waters facility, the environment is uplifting and supplements are well stocked. Five-star recommendation!


Falling Waters has a knowledgable, capable staff in a spectacular facility designed to help alleviate pain and return clients to a normal life. My problems are tied to post-polio, a problem that is seldom seen today and little known in the medical community, but Dr Davies and his assistants not only knew how to help me, but did so effectively and with great respect and care. They schedule appointments carefully, and I never had to wait for more than a very few minutes. The salt water therapy pool is my idea of heaven, and I actually found myself enjoying physical therapy!

Falling Waters is a lovely place full of caring and nurturing people who respect your time, your history, and your health. Dr Davies is knowledgable on many levels. He's a chiropractor, a retired registered nurse, and is very well versed about nutrition, vitamins, and supplements. George Crown is one of his kind and caring assistants, and he actually taught me to enjoy the therapy in the salt water pool. The pool itself is fantastic-warm and multilevel. The salt water provides extra buoyancy, allowing the body to move and stretch comfortably and heal. The staff is attentive, schedules are made with patients' convenience in mind, and everyone is respectful, thoughtful, and ready to go a step beyond.


I was referred to Dr Davies by a retiring Chiropractor here in Bend. The sports medicine focus of the office was attractive to me since I ski 3-4 times a week and I was planing a long hike. Dr Davies customized treatment to match my goals of staying mobile and pain free. He is medically knowledgable, a great teacher and a good problem solver. He treats the whole person rather than just to look at the spine as separate from the brain/body. I am particularly impressed with his multidisciplinary approach. I was a nurse so I appreciate his former work in the trauma field. I read Dr Davies' bio and knew this was the right place for me to receive care.

Last year he suggested I seek physical therapy for a neck that would not stay adjusted. After a course of treatment by Shawndi, I stay pain free longer and require much less frequent adjustments. My mobility was and continues to be a year later, much improved. I highly recommend Shawndi for physical therapy. She also is an excellent teacher.

This year I called upon Dr Davis to review my diet and supplement needs because of a change in some prescription drugs I was taking. I am grateful for his expertise and investment. After a week of implementing some changes I am doing better and on a path of being prescription drug free.

The office staff is knowledgable and proactive in working with my insurance company. They are pleasant, organized and encouraging. I would highly recommend Falling Waters because of their expertise and multidisciplinary approach.


My family and I have been coming to Falling Waters after recently being involved in an auto accident, and the experience with this staff has been superb. They have gone ABOVE and WAY BEYOND the normal expectations and if I could give more stars than five I would. I LOVE Falling Waters and would recommend them for anyone who is suffering through an injury. Dr. Capp and Dr. Davies are very knowledgeable and friendly. Kahleen takes special time to keep an eye on my son. They are just the best team I have ever seen for this type of care. I love them all deeply and have connected with most every masseuse, trainer and doctor here. Even the gals at the front desk deserve 2 thumbs up. They are patient, understanding and talented at working things around your schedule. OVERALL 10's across the board. I could keep on and on about how wonderful they all are.


I have a chronic condition and have been helped over the last 5+ years by the expertise of the staff at Falling Waters. I have Multiple Sclerosis and after a back surgery a good friend referred me. I have complicated pain and issues of progressive weakness. My experience here has been so much more than physical therapy. It is my "go to". I have a special kind of support here through thick and thin. I am able to stay as active as possible with ongoing guided strength, resistance, and flexibility work. I can challenge my balance, and do so many things I wouldn't be able to do alone. I always feel more confident and ok with the way I am, after my Falling Waters sessions. It is so much more, here, at Falling Waters. Thanks to: Dr. Davies, Dan, Shawndi and Hannah and a very friendly staff.


After seeing 3 different joint doctors for my knee pain and getting no real definitive answers, our family Nurse Practitioner recommended Falling Waters as a good place to start doing some Physical Therapy. I made an appointment and they were very friendly from the start, letting me know I would be meeting with Hannah my first visit. During that visit I could tell she really knew what she was talking about, and she gave me more information about my situation in that initial visit than I had gotten from all the doctors I'd seen up to that point. What she said made sense, and she gave me lots of options for my treatment. We decided on a plan together and started the therapy, and as the months went by, we adjusted along the way to what worked for my knee.
Today I'm not currently doing PT and am doing pretty well. The knowledge I gained from everyone at Falling Waters has helped me to maintain on my own doing therapies I can do at home. Which is a good thing, but I have to admit I do miss those weekly appointments. It's kind of like a health spa environment there, a very relaxing atmosphere.
All the way around I would highly recommend Falling Waters. If you need Physical Therapy, or even just a massage, they are the people to see. Everyone there, through the whole process was super friendly and went out of their way to make it a great experience. From all the ladies at the front desk, the massage therapists, the guys in the pool, and my therapist Hannah Yorra, 5 stars all the way around. As good of an experience as a person could hope for considering the circumstances.


I have been receiving treatment at Falling Waters for several months now. The providers and staff are amazing. They go above and beyond to help each and every client. I have several diagnoses that need to be addressed and I am getting all the benefits of the salt water pool, manual therapy and the gym. I adore Hannah, love the front staff, think the pool staff is amazing and enjoy the calming environment of the entire facility. I have never had such an amazing experience where I "wanted" to go to physical therapy. Way to go Falling Waters!!


I discovered Falling Waters 6 weeks ago. I am pain-free for the first time in years because of the chiropractic and massage treatment plan provided by Falling Waters' staff. I am so grateful for what I have learned and experienced and I know that as time goes on if my back and hips are having trouble with pain, I will know that help is close by, professional and nurturing. I am an active 68-year-old who just road my mountain bike 14 miles today with a big smile on my face, and am building confidence that I can be active and not pay for it later!


Dr. Davies, Dr. Capp, and their staff have done an excellent job in helping me recover from my back injury. I was referred by a family member as well as another professional doctor in town. The wonderful ladies at the desk are always there to welcome you with a smile. Kim is always kind and punctual and George and Cean in aquatic therapy, make it so you don't even feel like you're in therapy. The whole team at Falling Waters have not only helped me with healing physically but they took the time to talk me through the emotional part as well. I still have a ways to go in my recovery process, but for this I am so glad I choose Falling waters. I don't feel like I'm having to go through this alone. Thank you!


My RA doctor referred me as I was going through a lot of pain, was unable to do activities and had trouble sleeping at night. I work with Hannah, Masters of physical therapy. She is knowledgeable and very easygoing to work with. The staff there is very caring, positive and helpful. They have a therapy pool which helps a lot with my movement and pain. When I started going, I didn't think it would work, but I can honestly say Falling Waters really works! I can go through life with a smile on my face knowing I can actually function everyday. Thank you so much.....


I've been going to Falling Waters since around summer 2015 for lower back pain that I'd been having for several years. I had been seeing a Chiropractor in Portland when living there, but that wasn't improving my condition. At Falling Waters, they initially did some chiropractic and massage therapy for me but that wasn't enough, so most recently I've been doing physical therapy and exercises for strengthening my core and glutes in their gym. I've learned a great deal about proper posture and what I need to do to maintain a healthy back. I'm happy to say that my back pain has subsided almost completely thanks to the skill of the physical therapists and the aides in the gym. I can now do things without the pain I was experiencing before. The staff at Falling Waters is all very friendly and I think their services are excellent. I highly recommend them to friends and family.


I came to Falling Waters to see Shawndi after a recommendation from an athlete. I have seen prior therapists for my elbows and shoulder before, but Shawndi and the professionals and programs provided at Falling Waters did the trick. A combination of treatments gets the body ready to heal and then rehab gets the joint/area back to working without pain. I returned again this year for a hip/leg/pelvic issue stemming from a prior 17-year-old car accident. This is the best I have been able to move without pain in years. I must continue the rehab, weight lifting, and stretching and will do so gladly! Thanks Falling Waters!


I'm really satisfied with my care at Falling Waters. Here is my story:
This past winter I slipped on an icy step, fell on my shoulder and when the pain wouldn’t go away I got an MRI to find the problem which was a partially torn Rotator cuff. My wife had recently gone to Falling Waters and received highly skilled, attentive, personal treatment from the Physical Therapists on staff. Knowing my wife’s story opened my mind for a more holistic approach to my injury than the usual Institutional PT facilities in Central Oregon.

I worked with Shawndi Stahl as my PT and during the course of my treatment I experienced professional, caring and effective treatment. Shawndi has been the best Physical Therapist I’ve been to and within two weeks she had eliminated the worst of the painful episodes, especially the ones in the middle of the night waking me from deep sleep.

As many of us that have experienced PT know it can be painful to bring about healing results. However, with Shawndi’s skill and expertise she was able to get me past the pain during the therapy in only 2-3 weeks.
Shawndi also interfaces will with the medical community and is highly respected by her peers and fellow medical colleagues. She coordinated effectively with my doctor in receiving PRP treatments to further heal my injury and the follow-up therapy that was needed. She is a Master Physical Therapist with a caring healthful intuition and an immense love for her work and patients. You will be welcomed with a smile and leave feeling confident about your PT care.

If you are seeking a holistic approach to your health I highly recommend Falling Waters and their excellent heath practitioners where you will encounter a professional and friendly staff and care that will exceed your expectations.


Last year I suffered a serious spinal injury that left me mostly immobile. Shawndi Stahl, physical therapy director at Falling Waters, and her outstanding team, patiently guided me back to mobility and independence. I've been to many health care facilities, and this was the best of all. Their compassion, encouragement, kindness and patience made ALL the difference in my recovery. In my opinion, Shawndi Stahl is a candidate for sainthood!


My visits to Falling Waters were related to post-surgical torn meniscus therapy. Hannah and Shawndi had cared for my husband in the past so I wanted them to help me work through my knee discomfort and re-build my muscle strength. By the time I had completed my course of therapy, I not only noticed less swelling and pain, but I felt my confidence had come back when putting weight on that knee. I feel very fortunate to have been treated at Falling Waters; the facility is new and meticulously maintained by a very knowledgeable and caring staff. They are thorough to a fault and I would recommend them to anyone that I know who is in need of physical therapy.


I felt like Dr. Davies performed a miracle today. I've always preferred natural care and Chiropractic doctors, but I was in so much pain today that I didn't have too much faith that I was going to walk out in better shape than I walked in, but Dr. Davies took it easy on me and performed his magic. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't instantly cured and healed, but I was able to tie my shoes again, without any stabbing pain, it was amazing. I go back in two days for a follow up and hopefully I can start running and training at the gym again. I've been to a bunch of healthcare facilities before, and this was the nicest office of them all. It was hi-tech, warm, and fun compared to any other place I've been. If you've ever experienced back pain, you know how important a good Chiropractor is to getting you back to normal. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But I say, pain sucks and it's good to know Dr. Davies!


I've been to a lot of Chiropractors in my life and Dr. Davies is the best by far. Most other Chiropractors just bend, twist, and pop you basically attempting to mask the pain. Dr. Davies goes above and beyond to get to the root of the problem and come up with a plan to fix/heal you properly. His facilities are top notch from the Therapy Pool, Gym, Massage Therapist to the Physical Therapist, you won't find a more complete facility. The Doctor and his staff are very knowledgeable and courtesy, I highly recommend them, you won't be disappointed!


Falling Waters has provided me with the ultimate health care experience. When I was referred to Falling Waters for a nagging back condition, I never expected the result to be a complete health makeover. Not only is their approach based on practical treatment, it also includes education on how to sustain overall health in everyday life, beyond the treatment.

I can't say enough about the positive changes that Falling Waters has made in my life and would highly recommend their staff and services to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.


I was referred to Dr. Davies at Falling Waters by a physical medicine specialist, Marc Wagner M.D., at The Center. Prior to seeing Dr. Davies, I had moderate pain in my right glute and quad muscle area generally for months, especially if I stretched funny or ran too hard. Then it became a sharp pain during a long run and I could ignore it no longer.

At Falling Waters, Dr. Mark Davies provided holistic yet specific treatment including adjustments to my back and hip, focused massage on the painful areas worked in conjunction with new orthotics. Although I had to stop running for a few weeks, I'm back to running again. From the moment I walked in for my first appointment to now, everyone has been friendly and helpful. I definitely would recommend Falling Waters to my friends and family.

-Stacy, PhD

I was referred to Falling Waters in August 2008 by a close friend. I had never had chiropractic care prior to this time, was overweight and had experienced upper back pain for about 10 years. What I found unique about Dr. Davies as a health care provider is his strong belief in functional medicine and how I received more than just chiropractic care, but also treatment for my entire body.

Dr. Davies' care encompasses everything, both internally and externally. About three months after starting to see Dr. Davies and getting treatment, including doing the First Line Therapy nutrition program, I sustained a serious knee injury playing soccer, requiring surgery. The surgery was delayed four months due to some medical complications as a result of the injury and Dr. Davies worked closely with my surgeon, whom he referred me to, and the other doctors I had to see at the time.

I was able to continue seeing Dr. Davies as he treated my knee and immediately began physical rehabilitation. Because of Dr. Davies' immense knowledge in so many areas, and his strong desire and dedication to help his patients improve their quality of life, I am healing and doing well. I have lost over 50 pounds and was able to continue losing weight after my injury.

Dr. Davies and his team strive to help others and provide the utmost quality of care to their patients. I feel like they truly care and want people to get better and notice this not only in my case, but also in how they treat other patients when I am there. Dr. Davies' sense of humor is contagious and he and his team go out of their way to make people feel comfortable. I have referred family, friends and co-workers and will continue to tell anyone who will listen that Falling Waters and in Dr. Davies' care is the best place to be!


Prior to seeing Dr. Davies, I was overweight and had chronic pain in my neck, back, hip, shoulders, knees, and ankles. I also had high blood pressure for at least 5 years and was taking several prescribed blood pressure medications which were not working that well. After thorough evaluation and lab testing, Dr. Davies prescribed a comprehensive program including nutrition, supplements, therapeutic exercises, manipulation as well as home exercise guidance. I am now on my road to recovery as my blood pressure is improving and in a safe zone, I am losing fat, feeling great and I am virtually pain free. I am now looking forward to getting off my blood pressure medications.

Dr. Davies is genuinely concerned about my well being. He is the only chiropractor that has been able to adjust the vertebrae's between my shoulder blades without pain. Dr. Davies also takes the time to listen and talk with me about my needs, where I am at, where I am going and my health goals.

I highly recommend Dr. Davies and his team at Falling Waters. I brought my wife to get a surprise 38th anniversary massage and to see Dr. Davies. She was impressed and preparing to set up an appointment. I have also recommended Dr. Davies to other family members and friends.

I would like to say Dr. Davies and the staff are very friendly and zero in on the care I needed for recovery of the high blood pressure and joint pain I had basically throughout my body. From the front desk staff, the nutritionist I counsel with, to the assistants in the rehab area, I felt I have always been given special attention to my needs. I have had opportunity to also visit with other patients while doing my prescribed rehab and they seem to be in positive recovery of their injuries and have positive attitudes. I also would like to say the facility is very clean and a peaceful place to be.


I was involved in an auto accident and had much left sided neck and lower back pain. When my auto accident happened, I called Falling Waters immediately and saw Dr. Davies the day after my accident. After I was stabilized from my accident I started a rehabilitation program to ensure that my injuries were minimized, recovery optimized and prevent disability.

Falling Waters is very unique in the services they provide. Not only do they provide Chiropractic care, but have services related to help losing weight with nutrition services, improving body composition, massage, infrared sauna services, and much more. The personnel are all very approachable and very eager to serve their customers. You never are forgotten about and have opportunities to experience the wide range of services. I feel very comfortable coming here and always has a great experience!

This "office" is like no other; everyone is very playful and makes you laugh every time you see their interaction. They are really fun people who like what they are doing and include them in their great day.

I have referred my husband, friends and coworkers who love Falling Waters too. I recommend Falling Waters to anyone. Not only is the atmosphere calming and very well put together, the people are too. Holistically it serves my needs and I am very grateful for what I have experienced!

-Leah, RN

After my MRI proved negative for any back damage, Dr. Wagner from The Center referred me to Falling Waters. Prior to seeing Dr. Davies I had a Sore lower back, tightness and I had to be careful of every little move or my back would go out and I couldn't walk or move. It had been giving me troubles for a few years and I was given one steroid shot in the back and then referred to Dr Davies. Dr. Davies is unique because he takes a look at the whole problem and fixes the other areas around the problem area to make it all stronger and function better-not just focusing on the one problem area. I liked the fact that they treated me by manipulation of the back, traction and well as strength training and at home exercises to help strengthen my back and core muscles. Those are tools I can use at home or in my gym to continue to strengthen my core and back. It's been and continues to be work, but with any good program-that's what it takes and is much better than just giving me drugs for a quick fix.

Dr. Davies and his team are very caring, courteous, understanding, knowledgeable, professional and thorough. I look forward to my time there and always feel like they are there to meet my needs, even when swamped with other patients.

I feel ABSOLUTELY confident referring family and friends to Dr. husband had injured his shoulder in several crashes of bikes, sleds, etc. He went to his doctor and they referred him to a different PT facility. He did not get better and in fact, it didn't help at all. After finally seeing how my back was better and me bugging him to go, he went to see Dr Davies. After treatments, traction table and massage, he is better and does not have to go back unless he reinjures himself. AND, now he is referring all of his friends.

I highly recommend Dr Davies and Falling Waters!! out for suspicious looking "candy jars"!! :-)


I was referred to Falling Waters by a co-worker who had been seeing Dr. Davies for treatment. I was, and still am, grateful for his referral as I know that I wouldn't have had this much progress if I had not made that first appointment. My neck, upper back, and shoulder area had become so tight I had little to no movement in those areas. Any movement I was able to do came with great discomfort and pain. Since beginning my treatment my pain has significantly decreased while my range of motion has been greatly increased.

I have had chiropractic care in the past and had even sought it out for my current issues at another office. Unfortunately just having an adjustment wasn't enough to improve my condition, which led me to stop going because I wasn't improving nor was I getting any relief from my pain and discomfort. This left me feeling somewhat hopeless as I was unsure if I would be able to get back to the pain free full range of motion place I used to exist in. Once I began the rehabilitation and massage treatment along with the chiropractic care at Falling Waters, I had a renewed hope of full recovery.

I have learned a great deal since I began my treatment. I never knew how important having a strong core was in order to live an injury free and healthful life. FIT TED is something that I will use for the rest of my life. I look forward to my continued progress and can't thank Dr. Davies or his amazing staff enough to express my gratitude. I have recommended Falling Waters to anyone who will listen and will continue to do so.