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This Page is a Test

If you're anything like me, you like to to test pages on the new website so you can play with formatting. You know, the funny thing about formatting is that it is very important to the aesthetics of the page. When I think about formatting, I think about my dad. He told me a funny story once about being a member of Toastmasters in college. They said that if you say "when I think about blah blah blah," you can just ramble on for hours talking about nothing. If you say it with confidence though, people will be captivated, even if you're not talking about anything even remotely related to the original topic of your speech. Go figure.

For people who like bathrooms, you're in for a treat! Just check out this beautiful picture of a bathroom to the right. We created this table in the webpage editor that allowed us to include this photograph for all the bathroom-lovers out there. And if you find yourself thinking, hey, you can't tease us with just one single picture, watch out because I'm going to try to put another one below this, only this time on the LEFT side! That should allow you to see 2 pictures of bathrooms at the same time! office
Web 024   BR   2
OK, well as it turns out you can't edit the size of the columns in the table independently. Therefore, one picture's gonna be real big and the other one a little smaller. We'll see how it turns out. Hmmmmm let's see how big this gap is. Ok I think I'm going to create another table below this one to put a picture on the left. We'll see how big the top to bottom gap is. I think I got it figured out how to keep this from looking bad but it still requires one picture to be big and the other small.

office9 You may not be able to see it, but this picture was taken from right next to another bathroom, sahweet! Let's check out how this turns out. It turned out looking pretty awesome, but I needed to add a lot more text to make sure it didn't look silly in comparison to how the other pictures turned out. Jeez, even that wasn't enough text. OK, the best way to add pictures is in individual tables. The spacing is the same top to bottom, and we can more freely edit the size. smiley cool

You know, when I think about my dad's Toastmasters story, I think about my grandfather. I'm not really sure why, my dad would just always talk about his dad when going on his Toastmasters rants. Anyhow... FORMATTING!


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