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Falling Waters Personal Training - Setting the Standard

11 unique aspects about our Personal Training department...

1) Environment: 16-foot slate waterfall, rustic pine décor, neutral warm colors, and garden like setting provide inspiring natural environment to exercise.

2) Equipment: Dr. Mark Davies has personally selected the very best state-of-the-art exercise equipment available. The equipment can accommodate a variety of custom training programs designed to help clients reach their personal goals.

3) Evaluations: Our personal trainers use computerized fitness evaluation software developed from guidelines by the American College of Sports Medicine. This is an excellent tool to evaluate your progress and keep you on track to reaching your goals. We offer a BIA biomarker evaluation from an FDA approved medical device.

4) Custom Exercise Programs: We have a variety of custom training programs that will allow you to achieve your goals whether you are a beginner or competitive athlete. Falling Waters personal training is unique as we have the equipment and knowledge to complement traditional researched based training principles with Functional Strength Training (FST).

FST involves training whole body / multi-joint movements that are specific to regular activities like throwing a ball, picking up a child, yard work etc) or specific to certain sports like (skiing, golf etc). This type of training when done correctly minimizes injuries and maximize stability & performance.” Also, as FST uses whole body/ multi-joint movement, it requires more muscle to be used at one time which helps increases metabolism which favorably effect body composition (muscle to fat ratio).

5) Affordability: Despite all of the unique benefits Falling Waters personal training department has to offer, our sessions and packages are affordable. There are no initiation fees, no membership fees, no processing fees or long term contracts. We offer both 30 or 60 minute sessions that can either be done as singles (one client with one trainer) or doubles (two clients with one trainer).

6) Convenience: We have both mens and womens change rooms with showers & lockers to accommodate training during lunch breaks. Falling Waters is also centrally located in the Old Mill District.

7) Excellent Trainers: All of our trainers hold nationally recognized personal training certificates or have advanced degrees in exercise science. Dr. Davies has recruited the trainers at Falling Waters and has personally ensured they all have a strong knowledge base that can provide you with Safe, Appropriate training that is both Fun and Effective (ie SAFE).

8) Doctor In House: All of the trainers have access to Dr. Davies as a resource for exercise mechanics, program design, nutrition and post-rehabilitation programs. The trainers meet with Dr. Davies in group sessions on a regular basis to review current research in exercise science so we can provide the very best to our clients. If medically appropriate, Dr. Davies can prescribe and design a Personal Therapeutic Exercise Program that is implemented by our licensed assistants. Feel free to contact our office so we can assist you in finding out your specific insurance coverage and answer any questions.

9) Complementary Services: Functional Medicine/ Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic Sports Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation, Yoga and Massage Therapy are available to help you overcome injuries or other barriers so you can reach your personal health goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

10) Health and Nutrition Resources: To support your commitment to health and fitness, all clients have access to cutting edge nutritional information in a private complementary consultation with Dr. Mark Davies.

11) Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements: Falling Waters has available the very best of Pharmaceutical Grade nutritional supplements that are only available through Physicians. The quantity and quality / purity of pharmaceutical grade products are tested & ensured by 3rd party independent laboratories. To support our patients and clients commitment to health, all nutritional supplements are available at discounted prices.