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Knee Pain Treatment With Physical Therapy

Written By Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center on March 23, 2022

woman with knee pain

Knee pain is an increasingly common condition with millions of Americans suffering from it annually. The good news is that there’s a way to treat knee pain non-invasively through chiropractic care. Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center in Bend, Oregon, is skilled at using physical therapy to treat knee pain. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Treat Knee Pain?

When knee pain doesn’t go away on its own, it’s important to seek professional help before the issue gets worse. Chiropractic care uses physical therapy techniques to help you regain your range of motion and put pain behind you.

There are plenty of other reasons why you may consider seeing a chiropractor for knee pain treatment:

  • Chiropractors treat ailments using natural, non-invasive methods
  • Our proven adjustments help realign your joints and promote regeneration of tissue
  • Since chiropractors do not use painkillers, we are able to treat issues in a way that is non-addictive
  • Physical therapy can help relieve pressure, stress, and get you back on your feet 

Knee Pain Treatment in Bend, Oregon

Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center has spent years helping patients work through their knee pain. Our goal is to provide care that is natural, non-invasive, and eliminates your pain for the long-term. Many patients report that their condition improves after just a few sessions. We use a combination of adjustments and physical therapy techniques which can help your knee pain tremendously.

Patients may also benefit from our aquatic therapy, which involves improving your range of motion and exercising in a pool. This treatment has proven to be extremely effective at reducing knee pain while helping patients become stronger.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Knee pain can be debilitating, but it doesn’t have to be. Seeking early treatment can prevent chronic issues. Our chiropractic office in Bend helps patients regain control of their lives.

Schedule an appointment with Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center today at (541) 389-4321 or contact us online.

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