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Benefits of Multidisciplinary Knee Pain Treatment in Bend, Oregon

Written By Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center on February 3, 2020

Knee Pain Treatment in Bend OregonIf you have knee pain and have been looking for a solution, you’ve probably talked to your fair share of so-called experts. 

Doesn’t it seem like everyone has their own opinion of what works best?

One person will tell you that surgery is the solution. Others will tell you to try stem cell injections. The list goes on and on. 

The team at Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center believe there’s no single cure-all for knee pain. In fact, this team chooses to take a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to knee pain treatment in Bend, Oregon. 

Knee Pain Treatment in Bend, Oregon: What Is a Multi-Disciplinary Approach?

When you come to see your chiropractor for knee pain treatment in Bend, Oregon, they might just recommend chiropractic adjustments. Such is the case if your knee pain is caused by misalignment. 

It is more common, though, for your chiropractic team to choose multiple forms of treatment. Each treatment provides your knees with something special. One might improve range of motion, while another strengthens the muscles of your legs to provide you with more support.

Your treatment options include: 

You might even benefit from some of the fitness services provided at Falling Waters Injury & Health Management Center.

Knee Pain – Why You Shouldn’t Wait to See Your Bend Chiropractor 

Knee pain, whether it’s caused by an injury or arthritis, means you’re likely experiencing some sort of progressive knee damage. Whether you have excessive inflammation or your cartilage is wearing down, you need to get some treatment fast.

Trying to simply grin-and-bear-it will result in further damage. If you want to reduce the likelihood of needing knee replacement surgery, contact your chiropractor as soon as you experience pain. The faster you get treatment, the faster you can slow down the damage.

Would you like more information about how different types of treatments might help with your knee pain? Contact us today at 541-389-4321 to schedule a consultation.

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